Easy 5 Step Process

Innovetive Petcare has the strong financial resources and experienced team to successfully complete transactions. And just as importantly, we have the resources to continue to invest in the long-term growth and success of the clinic after the transaction is completed.

Our process has been designed to find the best approach to each unique situation. We pride ourselves on being both efficient and transparent.

1. Preliminary Review
The Innovetive Petcare team will meet with you to learn about your clinics business objectives and your personal goals. This is a two-way conversation in which you learn about Innovetive Petcare and the benefits of being part of our team. Together, we will:

  • Review hospital profile and financials
  • Answer all of your questions
  • Establish a timeline

2. Offer
After getting to know each other, we craft an offer to meet your business objectives and personal goals. The offer (also called a Letter of Intent) will include important details such as:

  • Purchase price
  • Terms of lease
  • Your employment arrangement
  • Creative deal options

3. Due Diligence
After signing the Letter of Intent, the Innovetive Petcare team will visit your clinic and collect the information necessary for ensuring a smooth transition after the purchase is complete. We will work with you to:

  • Review historical data
  • Establish goals and priorities
  • Make transition plan

4. Closing
Innovetive Petcare will provide the legal agreements for your attorney to review and set a closing date. Information here includes:

  • Purchase agreement
  • Lease agreement
  • Employment agreements
  • Wire transfer of funds to the seller

5. Transition & Growth Plan
Innovetive Petcare will work with your staff to ensure a smooth transition with no disruption to your operations. We will map out a plan for the clinic to begin utilizing the tools and resources Innovetive Petcare provides to help the practice grow and prosper. Our help includes:

  • Transfer of business functions to free staff to focus on patient care
  • Providing training as necessary
  • Enrolling staff into benefits program 

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